– Sharp ideas for the software side of robotics

Sharp ideas for the software side of robotics

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Simulation Environments for Mobile Robotics

While I wait for my $200K grant, my Darpa project award, Aldebaran to send me a few Nao’s, or Willow Garage to mail a PR2 my way (please contact me for shipping details), I spend much of my research time on the simulation side of robotics. In addition to being far less costly than purchasing […]

Q&A of Urbi, a Robot OS

For decades, since the dawn of Shakey, the software side of robotics was primarily constrained to the world of hardware-limited embedded systems which needed to be redeveloped from the ground up with every new robot. This approach limits code reuse, is painfully tricky to debug, and becomes a serious time sink with each hardware upgrade. […]

Sequencing Layer with ESL (Execution Support Language)

In Architectural Paradigms of Robotic Control, I discussed a number of control architectures with a bias towards a hybrid approach, for facilitating reactive behaviors without precluding proper planning. With 3T, a common hybrid approach, the three layers include a skill layer for reactive behavior and actuator control, a sequencing (or execution) layer for sequencing behaviors […]

Microsoft RDS R3 Now Available…and free (as in beer)!

Whether ROS and other recent moves have had a direct impact on the decision or not, it looks like Microsoft is getting the message that professional robotics software isn’t just the realm of licensed, proprietary software, but frequently supported by world class software solutions which are often free and open source. In a step in […]

Including Boost.Test in Your C++ Project

It’s certainly hard to find much fault with the libraries of Boost.  They’re easy to include, they add a terrific amount of power to the STL, and they come with extensive documentation and a thriving community to boost your efforts.  (Awkward pun intended.)  Just about the only library (so far) that I’ve had a hard […]

Karto Mapping Goes OSS and now Integrates with ROS!

The past year has been very exciting watching the momentum that’s been building behind Willow Garage‘s Robot Operating System (ROS).  While ROS is going in a very good direction, its introduction to the market arguably made it just “that much harder” for developers to select which platform to use for the software backbone of their […]


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