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Sharp ideas for the software side of robotics

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Using State Diagrams to Express Robot Behaviors & Transitions

In the last post, I wrote briefly on how the goal modeling task – described by the O-MaSE agent-oriented design methodology – is useful for laying out a birds eye view of what you want your (multi-agent) robot(s) to accomplish.  The simple act of decomposing high level goals into sub-goals goes a long way towards […]

Using O-MaSE Methodology for Goal Modeling

O-MaSE is an agent-oriented analysis & design (AOAD) methodology.  I have found it to be a particularly powerful tool, in the development of project work, due to its flexibility of use and ability to handle single and multi-agent domains equally well.  For example, unlike many other methodologies (which I’ll leave nameless to avoid stoking any fires), O-MaSE […]

Agent-Oriented Methodology Selection: O-MaSE

In selecting an appropriate agent-oriented analysis & design (AOAD) methodology, the project delivery team must carefully consider the ramifications of the methodology on the final solution and if the methodology’s presumed architectural paradigm, if there is one, is in line with the team’s goals for the project.  With traditional object-oriented analysis & design (OOAD) methodologies – […]

Methodologies for the Design of Robotic and Multi-Agent Systems

Object oriented analysis and design (OOAD) methodologies are well established, offering a plethora of methodologies depending on the needs of the project and the skills of the development team; e.g., eXtreme Programming, Domain Driven Design, Agile Modeling, and Crystal Clear.  (Scrum is omitted as it lacks adequate direction for OOAD; albeit, it’s a terrific project […]


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